Shawn MacArthur for State Representative

Let me do the work for you

Provide Homes

for the Houseless


A Community Leader

We Rise Up



Let me do the work for you


I'm running in the Democratic primary for Oregon State Representative, District 46, to work hard for you every day.

I want to tackle the big issues, starting with houselessness in our district. Current agendas are not working.

Let's try something new, together.


Shawn MacArthur

Guinness World

Record Holder

Inventor of a

US Patent

Small Business



Let's try something new, together.

A history of providing for those in need

My fundraiser for Transition Projects to give blankets for the houseless made national headlines and broke a Guinness World Record. Whether its creating software for code that became a US Patent, working for a state Supreme Court Justice, or coordinating thousands of attendees at events, I love new challenges.

Tackling hard problems

Even with over 60 million dollars a year going towards the issue, the number of individials experiencing houselessness remains the same, or increases among certain communities. Let's adopt a system that works - Housing First.

The Opposite of a Politician

Shawn is not a fan of career politians. He wants to try new ideas, together. Donate today!